Product Specifications

Key Product Dimensions:

Econocraft Materials Plastic Downspout Nozzle and Escutcheon Plate Dimensions / Specifications

 Key Install Specifications:

Spout Size Expected Pipe Length Spout Inner Diameter Expected Pipe Outer Diameter
2-Inch 1.5 Inches 2.39 Inches 2.375 Inches (2-inch pipe)
3-Inch 1.5 Inches 3.54 Inches 3.5 Inches (3-inch pipe)
4-Inch 1.5 Inches 4.54 Inches 4.5 Inches (4-inch pipe)

 How to Install in Under 2 Minutes:

  1. Cut pipe to length (note above)
  2. Clear the surface of the pipe of any debris (if needed)
  3. Apply plastic solvent or general purpose glue/cement to outer surface of the pipe (recommend covering the full circumference of the pipe)
  4. Slide nozzle onto pipe until fully secured
  5. Lock the escutcheon plate onto the nozzle (be sure to align the locking tongue to the track) pushing back until flush with the wall