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3-inch PVC Downspout Nozzle & Self-Locking Escutcheon Plate (Black)

3-inch PVC Downspout Nozzle & Self-Locking Escutcheon Plate (Black)

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This 3-inch PVC plastic downspout (and included optional-to-install escutcheon plate) is designed to fit standard 3-inch pipes, enabling optimal water redirection. It can support various use cases, such as a downspout nozzle to prevent staining or erosion of your building's exterior and foundation, or other applicable uses like a pool scupper. This product comes as a two piece set:

  • Downspout nozzle (i.e., cow tongue, scupper, spillover)
  • Round (self-locking) escutcheon plate (i.e., wall flange)

Refer to our spec page for detailed product specifications.

Bulk Orders / Custom Colors

Reach out to us at our Wholesale page to inquire about discount pricing and custom colors for bulk orders.

Key Features

1. No Metal = No Theft

Metal downspouts are common targets of theft given their high recycle value. A plastic downspout offers a cost-effective alternative to metal which deters theft and the need for costly replacements.

2. Hardware-Free Install

With its patent-pending locking mechanism, the included escutcheon plate locks directly to the nozzle without the need for hardware or glue, decreasing your install time/cost and avoiding damage to your building or structure. The optional escutcheon plate also incorporates a raised & hollow center ring for optimal clearance of any debris around the pipe opening.

3. UV-Resistant PVC Plastic

Both components are made from an injection-molded PVC plastic which incorporates a high-grade polymer which provides enhanced UV resistance properties. All these combine to produce a durable build and long-lasting finish so that you aren't compromising on quality.

Install Instructions:

  1. Cut extruding drainage pipe to recommended length (1.5 inches)
  2. Optionally clean pipe's outer surface to ensure a smooth exterior which is free of any debris
  3. Glue the spout onto the extruding pipe with an appropriate welding compound (will depend on the extruding pipe's material and ability to weld to the PVC downspout)
  4. Slide the escutcheon plate over the spout and lock onto the spout's locking track (using our patent-pending locking system) until flush with the wall - no need for any hardware or additional welding compound!

Refer to our spec page for detailed product specifications.

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