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Bird Screen for Plastic Downspout Nozzle

Bird Screen for Plastic Downspout Nozzle

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Presenting our custom Bird Screen solution which is designed to fit into any one of our plastic downspout nozzles. A well designed bird screen is an essential accessory to any downspout to keep birds and other critters out of your gutters, preventing clogs and other possible damage while reducing maintenance overhead. Key features include:

  • Manufactured in-house from a high-grade ASA plastic which offers excellent heat, UV and impact resistance meaning long lasting protection and minimal maintenance
  • No hardware, glue or other extra materials required to install ensuring the ultimate hassle-free installation
  • Adequately sized screen gaps both help to prevent clogging and enable an installer to remove potential debris/clogs behind the screen without the need to remove or uninstall the nozzle

*Note* - it is recommended that the bird screen be used in conjunction with an atrium gate on the drain's inlet to prevent chances for any clogging. With its 'set-and-forget' design, the bird screen cannot be removed independently from the nozzle, once installed it is permanently secured and can only be removed after first uninstalling the entire nozzle from the drain.

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